Ford SuperDuty 2008-2010

Universal cup holder adaptor for mounting the device of your choice (perhaps even the DD?) in the lower dash cup holder location.

Removal of the cup holder from the door itself is possible to maintain the color of the dash

this part snaps in and may require a small bit of adhesive.(which is removable) this modification is completely reversible which means no drilling screwing or painting.

This unit is mounted in such a way to allow for the most room and still provide a mounting solution.

Also, because its in the cup holder it can be hidden as simply as closing the door.

This adaptor is in response to the many requests I have received for those of you who do not own a DD but still want to have a mounting solution for your device ( GPS, Other programmer,Phone Mount I-Pod, Mini Video player etc...)

The Installation is the same as its predecessor.

Cup Holder Mod Universal

December 18, 2010

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